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From: Mac1014884 
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 09:30:11 EDT
Subject: CRD: 'NOT ALONE' (Bernard Butler)

words and music by Bernard Butler
from debut album 'PEOPLE MOVE ON'
record label - CREATION
transcribed by Marc Mcconnell

INTRO:  C Em F C G    X3
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            C                              Em
Should I tell you why I feel so down
                   F                             C             G
when all I've carried for days is the same old doubts
            C                      Em
Well I'd tell you if I had a plan
       F                                        C               G
only you're one of those with your head in the sand
           F                 Em
While I don't feel so afraid
F                                      Em
maybe this is some kind of phase
               F                                    G
but I don't care about the wind in my face

                 C               Em
cos I'm not alone these days
               F                G
no I'm not alone these days
          C                Em
I'm not alone these days
               F                G
no I'm not alone these days

           C                                  Em
Could I tell you how I hear these sounds
                    F                                       C               G
well I've been roaming the streets with my head in the clouds
        C                                      Em
and I won't need to show you my heart
            F                                 C         G
cos all I need in my hands is an electric guitar
         F                       Em
Well I thought that you understood
                       F                                     Em
that friends like these won't ever do me no good
                F                                   G
cos I have never known the  people I should




G                                                       C
maybe I'm misunder maybe I'm misunderstood