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When Going Home Chords

                             WHEN GOING HOME

Writers: George Teren, Stephanie Lewis
Singers: Bering Strait on "Bering Strait"

INTRO:  Bm  G   A    Bm   G    A

    Bm   G          A           Bm   G                 A       
1.  1600   miles to cry it out; 1600   miles until the airplane touches down;

    Em        D            A
    To relive every moment since the day we met; 

    Em              D          A 
    Remember how forever felt,   and then forget.

    Bm  G         A                   Bm G                A 
2.  27    days of walkin' on the sun; 27   days believin' I had found the one;

    Em               D                   A
    Finally learnin' what true passion's all about; 

              Em            D                 A
    How could anything that burns that strong suddenly burn out?

     D            G             A
CHO:  I'm leavin' Austin on the 1205; 

            D             G             A
      Gonna take my newly broken heart back to my old life;
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              Em                    A      D              G
      And you know that you've been gone a little bit too long

           Em    A               Bm        G   A     Bm   G   A
      When going home feels like moving on,    yeah.

       Bm             G                A        
3.  My sister will be waiting at the gate; 

             Bm         G        A
    I've got three more hours to get my story staight;

           Em                D              A 
    'Cause I've been tellin' her for weeks that it's true love;

    Em              D          A 
    There's no easy way to say how wrong I was.


       D                G          A                 D
    In spite of all the dreams and all the best laid plans,

        Em             A                     A
    Sometimes we start over right where we began.


           Em  A               Bm        G  A         Bm  G  A         Bm G A
    When going home feels like movin' on;      movin' on;       movin' on.