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Tell Me Tonight Chords

                        TELL ME TONIGHT

Writers: Ilya Toshinskyh, Kevin Welch, Brent Maher
Sung by: Bering Strait on "Bering Strait"

INTRO:   Bm             E              E7
         Bm             E              E7

    Bm                     E              E7
1.  Look into my eyes baby, see what you see

    Bm                           E                     E7        
    I feel like I'm fallin' baby, are you fallin' with me?

  G                         E                         Bm      E    E7
    I can't help but wonder, Come on baby, Tell me tonight.

    Bm                                  E                   E7
2.  I've got a feelin' there's something On the tip of your tongue
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    Bm                                 E                       E7
    Come right out and say it now baby, Don't leave me hangin' on

  G                              E 
    Please don't keep me waiting, Come on baby

                 D             A
CHO:  Tell me if you feel like I feel

           Bm               G
      When we touch, does a fire build 

                    D                    A        F#m
      Down in your soul, burnin' out of control

                Bm        E     E7
      Tell me tonight.

    Bm                            E                 E7
3.  They say life is like a river, Time is like the wind

    Bm                           E          E7
    Love is a sail you raise and ride away again

   G                         E
    Are you comin' with me? Come on baby 

(chorus) (instr to verse) (chorus)

             Bm      E      E7
   Tell me tonight (repeat and fade)