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Starlight Tab

It's one of my own.
Give it a shot, tell me what you think.
Rock and Roll forever

Blake Berglund

(D D/G D Dsus D G) 2x
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D			        G                                                              RIFF:
Four thousand miles away from L.A.		--------------------------------------------------------------------
		D        G                                   ---3-----3------3---3----3-----3----3---3-----3-----3-----------	
but Paris has her by the hand                                ---2-----2------2---------2----2----2---------2------------------
D			  G                           --- -----------------------------------------------------------------
He forces her in what she’s doing                            --------------------------------------------------------------------
	  D                       G                           --2-----2------2----3----2-----2----2----3---2------3---------          
winning or loosing, here or beyond                                               

Big lights and city dreams
a shipboat anchor on her paperplane,
pulled back and beat and strung out
inside a silent shout, but her heart’s away

A		     G
but I’ll wait by that water without any air
A		G
I’ll wade in that water ‘till she knows, ‘till she know that I care.


A hundred feet above the river
thoughts of confusion in her mind
a tragedy of what may come
falling from above, offering life.

and I’ll wait in that water without any air
and I’ll be in that water ‘till she knows, ‘till she knows that I care.

Starlight Starbright
Up in the sky
First star I see tonight
I wish upon a sigh
D		          G
Give her the courage to do what is right
        D					           A                                         G
and when she comes around I ask she’s found her way and won’t be turning back

and won’t be turning back.


Climb down, put your hands into mine
let out that shout for the very first time
and take to your dreams under that Hollywood sign
don’t let the wind blow you back, don’t let the wind blow you back.

and I’ll wait in that atmosphere
you’ll be higher than life, while I’m still here.

(chorus using E, A, & B)