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Broken Chords


Verse 1:
     G                          D
Here we are clay pots together
 Em               C
A fellowship divine
    G                                              D
In Christ the Lord we have our treasure
           C              Em
In brokenness we shine
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       C                G
Lord shine in our brokenness
      D                Em
Be strong in our helplessness
C                    G                        D            Em
Make Yourself known through our humble estate
C              G                 D             Em
Help us to love You and love one another
C                    G                                   D    
    Em G D
Make Yourself known through these pots of clay

Verse 2:
(chords the same as verse 1)

Our sufferings are momentary

Our offerings are far too small

Our great God, His name is Holy

He has given us His all


Em     G
Lord take us
Break us
Make us Yours