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this is my first tab, but i think it's ok. the chords used in this 
song are in the solo and at the bottom of the page. this was the 
second song i ever wrote, it's for my girlfriend Tina.

acoustic guitar

intro: Cadd9 G Fmaj7 G

 verse 1:

   Cadd9          G          Fmaj7         G
 inside of you i see myself loving you forever
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   Cadd9                 G             Fmaj7        G
 through you i see the reality of the two of us together

   Cadd9               G               Fmaj7          G     
 outside your heart i cry out loud i wanna belong to you 

   Cadd9                G               Fmaj7               G
 inside my own tears i try to hide my thoughts a meant for you