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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 96 17:33:01 EDT
From: slehman@MIT.EDU (Scott A. Lehman)

SHOOTING STAR - Harry Chapin
covered by Pat Benatar
from the "Harry Chapin Tribute" album
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he was crazy, of course
         G                   F
from the first she must have known it
but she ***** went on with him        
    G              Am
and never once had shown it
she took him off the streets
        G                  F
and she dried his tears of grieving
      G             Am
she believed in his believing

      C                      Am                 G
   oh he was the sun burning bright and brittle and
               G                             Am
   she was the moon shining back his light a little
            F              G
   he was a shooting star, she was softer and more slowly
   he could not make things possible
       F                            Am
   but she could make them holy - holy

         Am                          G
well she gave him a daughter and she gave him a son
          G                        F
she was a mother and a wife, and a lover when the day was done
when he was too far gone for giving love
what he offered her instead
was the knowledge she was the only thing
     F              Am
that was not in his head