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Oh Brother Chords

Ben Taylor - Oh Brother 3:31
Track 2 From 'Listening' 2012
Transcription By Tudor Toomey-Lewis

No man is a hero every day
and even a champion loses the day before the race
try not to be sleeping in your wide awake
Bm                                  A6
and when your chance comes have fun don't be afraid

Oh brother all you got to know is who you are and it will be
all right, all right
oh brother, once you realize that you're a star you're gonna
shine so bright

And you don't always have to want to play
and you won't always have to be willing to pay
try to make sure to make more love than hate
Bm                                  A6
and when your chance comes stand up do what you say

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Verse3: This one's different.  It can be played like any other verse and it'll sound
fine.  If anyone wants to tab this bit for me, do so.  In the mean time, I've provided a
very playable version here based off live performances.  The first chord seems to differ 
depending on the mood of the song so I've provided a few suggestions for you to play around
with for your cover.

(Bm7 or Bm or D)      G
It won't always be easy along the way
D             G      Bm                 D
and you won't always believe me when I say
G                         Em
you don't need anything but life and faith
            Bm       Bm7
and you can always call out my name

Just got to shine on, shine on, shine on, shine on, shine on
little brother,
Just got to shine on, shine on, shine on, shine on
my little brother

E                            G             D
Can we just get some of that good old time JT right here now baby well
Em             E              A7
you know some old time JT old time you know, you know, you know

One last thing, when playing the intro/verses the bass line is something like this for
the first change.
E ---2--------------3----------|   ETC ETC
B ---3--------------3----------|
G ---4--------------0----------|
D ---4-------------------------|
A -2----4-5-4-2-0--------------|
E ----------------3------------|

Leave any improvements down below and I'll amend it.