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Ache For You Chords

A nice simple song from the Awake is the new sleep album.. The strumming on the
album version is rather minimalistic, and if you're playing it on your own you
may want to experiment with the strumming pattern to make it sound fuller.

Chords used:

Standard tuning
Dsus2 = XX0230
Cadd9 = X32030
G = 32033
D = XX0232
A = X02220

Intro - Dsus2 - Cadd9 - G - Dsus2 x2

Verse 1:


In the rain, Walking slowly


There's a light, in your apartment

G                                   Dsus2
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I don't know why, I ache for you

Verse 2:


And it's alright if, you're undecided or 


If you're scared, that you might like it or

G                              Dsus2

If it's true, I ache for you       



There's no rhyme and


There's no reason

D                        A

You're the secret in the back of my skull


There's no logic


So please believe me

D                             A

That loves confusing but it never gets dull

Same chords throughout the song. Feel free to comment with any... um... comments.