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Until I Die Chords

piano intro 
these are all notes 
left hand D E G A right G F# D you play this with your right hand when your left hits the G note 

for the guitar it sounds a bit better if you play all bar chords 
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D  Em  G  A       D       Em  G  A
im so sorry im so paranoid 
     D     Em  G     A           D        Em  G  A
its something in my head that i cant avoid
    G         A        Bm
and i want to be with you
    G    A    Bm
and always will 
until i die 
           D   Em  
until i die
G     A       D    Em    G    A
ooh until i die

G                                   A
Frost on the window im in for the night
G                               A
you've got a phone keep me in mind