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Family Tree Chords

Artist: Ben Kweller
Song: Family Tree
Album: Sha Sha
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning

Chords Used:
Am:   002210
B7:   -21202
C:    032010
D:    000232
Em:   022000
G:    320033

Intro chords: 
Bop bop...                  ba......Ha..ha..ha
[Em   Am Asus4 Am] x6, then Em      Am  C   D

Verse 1 chords:
Em    Am   Asus4  Am  Em        Am    Asus4  Am  Em
Care about the    moonlight and hol...ding   you tight
    Am  Asus4 Am     Em  Am
And a...sking     my questions
C        G           B7
Everyone loves a situation.

Verse 2: (use verse 1 chords)
Long walks on the beach the press will impeach.
Lately I'm finding
I am the book and you are the binding

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Chorus 1 Chords:
  Em    G       C            Em
I guess they'll read... everything about you
           Am                                  C      D
Though the press might shoot me down I'm still true...ue
  C       Em       D            C        Em    D
I sell my book for free, that's what you do to me
    C          G            C      G       C         [intro chords]
Oh, you are my family, be good to me, take care of me.

[intro chords]
Bop bop.

Verse 3: (use verse 1 chords)
There's hotels in the sea, trash in the sky
The net-dustry's growing.
Stick to love songs kid, that's all you're knowing.

Verse 3: (use verse 1 chords)
They push you away or tie you up
It don't really matter.
But if your head is up you won't get much sadder.

Chorus 2: (use chorus 1 chords) (some variation)
But who am I to preach a word or two
when I can't lift my own head without you?
If my mental state kept you from coming around
I hope the world would shoot me down for losing you.
A broken branch I'd be if you weren't grown to me.
Oh, you are my family tree, be good to me, be good to me, be good to me.
Take care of me.

[intro chords]
Bop bop.