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Come On Chords

This song is basically a chord cicle. It goes F#m, D, A, E over and over again.

F#m             D
And finally the silence
A                    E                F#m
Looking out, looking back across the sky
Trying to find a meaning
A                   E               F#m
Knowing that I just left it all behind
Still I smell a lingering softness
Where did she go
How did she go 
I wanna wanna know
                  D                A     E                   
I wanna know that she'll be coming here to me

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F#m  D   
Come on
A                      E      
Without you I'll never feel the love inside of me
F#m  D     A                E      
Come on,   you know that we belong
F#m      D        A        E
Come on, come on, come on, come on

F#m D A E

Thinking back before her
I never knew the meaning of alone
Still the flag is feeling foreign
I live the day to escape into a phone
Speaking of a world not real then
Where did she go
How did she go
I wanna wanna know
I wanna know that she'll be coming here to me

Following the chorus:
       A              E   D
Cause she's sharp for kisses
    A        E   D
And my heart misses


A     E
She's coming
A      D             A
She's coming here to me
    E      A
I'm needing
D      A    E        A
Desiring to kiss her now
I'm living for her
Breathing for her
D                    E
Singing for her fairytale

Chorus X2