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Дата: 1 июля 2000 г. 20:51

Ben Harper, Steal My Kisses.
 Tabbed by Sanford Bledsoe,
Song: Steal My Kisses
Artist: Ben Harper

Date: July 1st, 2000

Okay, this is my first real tab so if it sucks or something, gimme a break.  But I am pretty sure it's pretty accurate. If you wanna e-mail you can though, it's

Here it is:

The INTRO is just beat boxing for about ten seconds, and then the guitar comes in and plays the following:

  (G)      (C)      (D)      (G)

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After strumming the entire chord once, there is a series of little upstrokes and mutes, and the rythm for those would be kind of pointless to tab out. And remember that occasionally during the song you'll hear him slide from the C chord to the A chord.

This repeats throughout the entire song except for two parts, one where there is just beat boxing, and another where it goes into a break like this at the 1:54 mark in the song:
   (F)  (G)
and just repeat that once or something.  And go back to the main thing. Wow, 4 chords... was that so tough?

There's slides and stuff in there that are played on another guitar, that you could probably figure out if you REALLY wanted to, but the song sounds just w/ the chords. Peace out. 
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