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Sexual Healing Chords

G/Am/F C		       G/Am
Baby,  I'm hot just like your oven
I need some lovin'
   G/Am/F C			   G/Am
And baby,  I can't hold it much longer
             F		        C
Itís getting stronger and stronger
G		Am
When I get this feeling I want
F      C
Sexual healing
G/Am      F/C
Sexual healing
G	 Am	     F/C
It makes me feel so fine
G	  Am		F/C
It helps to relieve my mind
G/Am	  F     C
Sexual healing, is good for us
G/Am		F
Sexual healing is something that is so very good for me
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C	  Em
Whenever these blue tear drops are falling, oh no
F		  D	       F
And my emotional stability is leaving me
C			Em
But there is something I can do
	  F			    D		F
Oh I can get on the telephone and call you up baby
C	  Em
Darling I know you'll be there to relieve me
F            D			F
The love you give to me will free me
C	    Em
So if you don't know the things you're dealing
Well I can tell you darling, oh it's
D      F
Sexual healing..

G	    Am
Get up, get up, get up, get up
F		 C
Let's make love tonight
G            Am
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
F		  C
'Cause you do it right

G    Am     F  C
Heal me, my darling
G    Am     F  C
Heal me, my darling
G    Am     F  C
Heal me, my darling
G    Am     F  C
Heal me, my darling