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Faithfully Remain Chords


	 FAITHFULLY REMAIN - Ben Harper & Relentless 7


Tabbed by: Giorgio Pozzi

Tuning: Standard


		      A    E                     A    E 


                      A    E                           B   

G|--------------------2----1----1--1 2--1--------------8------------------|

A    E        A      E	   A        E            B

I learned to say goodbye, to say goodbye too young

A     E     A        E   

I learned to duck from words

A       E       B        A

like bullets from a gun

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A                C#m   B                E 

how long can you pray, how long can you pray

E			A

and still not see a change

C#m	B	A		     A	

I faithfully remain, faithfully remain

A    E        A    E  

some things, some things

A   E	   	        B	

you have to let be lost

A         E	A	E	

some battles, some battles

A	E	     B	    A		

you have to leave unfought

A			 C#m

then the truth just wastes away

C#m			B

in all we dare not to say

E		     A	

and in all we can't explain

C#m   B            A 		         A

but I faithfully remain, faithfully remain

C#m  E   A   E   C#m   B   A

A       E 

Now I'm afraid

A    E       A    E    

once again, once again

A               B

it has come to this 

A	    E

when it all goes dark

A	 E

nothing stays the same

A       E           B   A

now I'm only what I miss

A	    C#m	

and my memories


they turn to tears

B             E             A

they turn to fire blood and pain

C#m     B          A		 A	

and I faithfully remain, I faithfully remain

C#m   B	            A            A            E	

and I faithfully remain, I faithfully remain