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Cryin Wont Help You Now Chords


D----------  D5 - E5 - A5 - G#5 - F#    D5 - E5 - A5   A5 - B5 - C#5, then 
A--0-2-4---                                                         go to 
E----------                                                         verse


    D5  E5  A5(2)  G#5  F#5  A7  D(barre)   B5  C#5  A5(1)  C5

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D5                E5
you sit there and call me 
  A5(2)G#5   F#5
a liar and a cheat 
D5                      E5      A5(1)  A7
i just wish you'd pin a rose on me 
D5            E5
now you won't even
     A5      G#5    F#5 
come out and take a bow 

D5          E5       A5(1)  A5 - B5 - C#5 - D5
cryin' wont help you now 

now your poets 
have all put down their pens 
the only songs to sing 
are those sung again 
lonely just doesn't 
look good on you somehow 

D5          E5       A5(1)  A7
cryin' wont help you now 
D(barre)       A7
i just keep on staring
D(barre)                   A7 
into the black eyes of the truth
D(barre)               A5(2)G#5   F#5 
we'll have to learn to live apart somehow 

D5          E5       A5(1)  A5 - B5 - C#5 - D5
cryin' wont help you now  (x3)
D5          E5       C5    D5    A5(1)
cryin' wont help you noooo-ooooo-oow 

Ok. Think that`s it. I don`t know how to tab timing and stuff like that,
so you should just listen to the song. The chords is correct though.