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Hey This is my first post. I promise that every post I put is 100% accurate.

                               Ben Folds Five

(Intro) D,G,D,G,D,G,Bm7,Esus4,E,Esus4

    D      G
   Six am  Day after Christmas
    D                      G
   I throw some clothes on in the dark
    D                  G
   The smell of cold, car seat is freezing
    D                    G      D
   the world is sleeping I am,  numb.

   Up the stairs, to her apartment
   she is balled up on the couch
   Her mom and dad, went down to Charlotte
   they're not home to find us out-


   Bm7          G
   And we drive
   Bm7          G     
   Now that I have found someone 
   D                       G
   I'm feeling more alone
           Bm7             Esus4,E,Esus4
   than I ever have before


    G    A               Dmaj9
   She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly
    G    A               Dmaj9
   off the coast and I'm heading no where
    G    A               Dmaj9
   She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly--

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   (Same Chords and rythm as opening verse)

    They call her name
   at seven thirty
    I pace around the Paking lot
    Then I walk down 
    to buy her flowers
    and sell some gifts that I got

   (Bridge chords)

   Can't you see,
   It's not me,
   you're dying for
   Now she's feeling more alone
   Then she ever has before


   (Chords on outro of 2nd chorus)


 Esus   E           Gsus  G            D   Dsus
    As weeks went by it showed that she was not fine
 Esus   E           Gsus  G            D   Dsus  
    They told me son it's time to tell the truth and
 Esus   E           Gsus  G 
    she broke down, and I broke down
    D    Dsus   Esus E Esus   G          D,G,D,G
    cause I was tired----          of lying

  (Verse 4)

  Driving back, to her apartment
  for the moment we're alone
  Yeah she's alone, and I'm alone
  and now I know it.
      Bm7      A/C#     
  ...drowning  slowly G,A,G,A,D/F#,G,D

There it is. Enjoy. RightChords!