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Jesusland Chords

Here's Jesusland by Ben Folds. From 'Songs for Silverman.'

Standard Tuning, capo 1st fret to match the recording.

INTRO (opening piano bit)

Am    D (x 4)

Fsus2  C   G

          G           D                      Am
Take a walk, out the gate you go and never stop
       C      D          G
Past dollar stores and wig shops
    D                  Am
Quarter in a cup for every block
      C      D      Am 
And watch the buildings grow
      Am        C
Smaller as you go

       G          D                       Am
Down the tracks, beautiful McMansions on a hill
      C       D     G
That overlook a highway
    D                Am
Riverboat casinos and you still
       C       D
Have yet to see a soul

     Am       D
Jesuslaaaaaaaaand (x2)

Fsus2   C   G
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      G             D                     Am         
Town to town, broadcast to each house they drop your name
      C        D      G
But no-one knows your face
     D                        Am
Billboards quoting things you'd never say
         C         D
You hang your head and pray 


    Am       D
Jesuslaaaaaaaaand (x2)

Fsus2   C    G (x2)

       A                   C       G   
Miles and miles, and the sun's going down
      A                 C
Pulses glow, from their homes
You're not alone
        F   E         C           D
Lights come on, as you lay your weary head
On their lawn

MIDDLE- G D Am C D (x2)

        G      D                               Am
Parking lots, cracked and growing grass you see it all
        C    D    G
From offices to farms
      D                    Am
Crosses flying high above the malls
    C       D
Along the walk through

     Am      D
Jesuslaaaaaaaaand (x2)

Fsus2   C    G (x2)


By Jimbles. Enjoy.