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Stand By Me Chords

Stand by Me von  Ben E. King

Capo: 3. Bund

         C         Am
when the night has come and the land is dark
       F           G                C
and th moon is the only light we'll see.
      C                      Am
No, I won't be afraid, no, I won't be afraid,
        F           G        C
just as long as you stand by me.
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                      C               Am
so, darling, darling, stand by me, oh stand by me.
    F      G            C
oh, stand, stand by me, stand by me.

        C                      Am
 If the sky, that we look upon should trumble and fall,
       F               G              C
or the mountain should crumble to the sea.
  C                            Am
I won't cry, I won't cry, no I won't shed a tear,
        F           G                C
just as long as you stand, stand bye me.


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