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You Are  (CAPO 3)
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G              Gsus
For every song
          G     Gsus
For every breath
          Em                C        G
For every good and perfect gift You give
          G    Gsus
For every night
          G    Gsus
For every day
          Em          C            G
For the glory of the earth we will say
G            Am
You are over everything
Em          C
You are the Eternal King 
  G               Am
Jesus, You're the song we sing
  Em             C
You are, You are, You are

G             Gsus
For Your word
        G    Gsus
Full of grace 
        Em             C       G
For the steadfast promises You make
        G    Gsus
For the cross
        G    Gsus
For new life
        Em             C    G
For the beauty of Your sacrifice


You will always be
You will always be
You will always be
The great I am      repeat x3