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Thief Chords

She wears her dress high
      G                              A
As high as she pulls her hat down low

She's seeking out the places
D             G            A
Those other people can't go
And she holds on

I'm touched by the sea (I'm touched by the sea)
            G                                                 A
She's walking on water when she walks in her sleep

She's dragging me through places
D          G              A
I didn't wanna be seen in
G             A
She is a liar
 D              G
As i am a thief
G                      A
(Be)cause of you I came
(Be)cause of you i leave
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I wanna know (I wanna know)
G                                A
Why the monsters that hurt you so

Don't look like those things that
D         G           A        AG#G
We battled so long ago
And I thought I did my part
             D              G       
When I pulled you out of there
 D                             G         A       AG#G
That night you left boot-marks on my wall
G              A
You are my liar
 D                     G
So I will be your thief
  G                   A
Because of you I came

(enter band)
D                   G       A
Because of you I leave (x3)
D               G         A
Wake up, baby we are home now (x3)
D          G         A
We are home now  (x3)

There ya go,