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Performer: 	Belly
Song: 		Stay
Album:		Star
Written by Tonya Donelly

Tab: Repeat this melody until end

e |------------0---------------0-------------1------------------1-------|
B |-------1------1--------1------1--------1-----1------------1-----1----|
G |---------0---------------0----------2-----------2------2-----------2-|
D |----2----------------2-----------3------------------3----------------|
A |-3----------------3--------------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------------------------|
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		C 023010
		F xx3211

It's up to you to figure where they are played. It should be easy
enough. :-)


Stay, oh oh oh stay (x2)

Salmon dives for that big dusky pearl
Salmon sighs, he knows he's older than me

Sleeps with the fishes soon

Stay (stay), oh oh oh stay (x2)

Salmon crawls on the belly of God
Salmon falls on his face in love with me.
He grows as old as the sea
Deep where the fishes are.

Stay, oh oh oh stay (x4)

He lives in the yard, he keeps himself hard
He keeps himself homeless and heartless and hard
He sleeps under stairs along with the heirs
Of nothing and nothing means no one who cares
But I love him dear and I love him dear
And I've loved him hundreads of thousands of years.

Stay. Stay (stay with me) oh oh oh stay.
Stay. Stay (stay with me) oh oh oh stay.

It's not time for me to go. (x3)


[Transcribed by Corvus (JPS)]

John P. Speno,