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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 96 23:42:55 EST
From: (Dennis Kim)
Subject: TAB: Full Moon, Empty Heart

TAB: "Full Moon, Empty Heart"
performed by Belly
written by Tanya Donelly

tabbed by Dennis Kim 

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Another beautiful two chord song :>

Standard tuning

This song sounds best using the E-shape barre chord for A and the A-shape 
barre chord for D
   E  A  D
There is a little distorted line that sounds like a drunk mosquito with 
perfect pitch that starts at about 1:37 (now fall to the bed...).  I just 
use a little distortion with the tone backed off a bit thru a bridge 
humbucker... (Tanya probably fed it thru some weird effect box, oh well) it 
sounds ok.

Play the whole phrase twice and then stop at the line

_________________________________ @-stop here on 3rd repetition              

(the main theme is the E sliding up to A and back)
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E    A        E
	sleep in now now
     A        E            A
	sleep in now now now
     E                     A        E
	it's still night out sleep in

	don't look at me looking back at you
A                    E
	out the window backwards
A                    E
	out the window backwards
E  A  E                      A                  E

	see this child twice stolen from me
A                    E
	out the window backwards
A                    E
	out the window backwards
     A         E
	sleep in now now
     A         E
	sleep in now now now
A           E
	sleep now
         D            A             E            A
	now fall to the bed with your hand in your hair (right now)
D                 A               E              A                            D
	fall to the tile stick your finger in your eye (that's the only way you cry 
         A       E
	hey now hey now

	full moon past the window sideways

	hey now

	hey hey hmm now
A              E
	sleep in now now (out the window backwards)
A              E
	sleep in now now (out the window backwards)
A              E                                  A   E
	sleep in now now (out the window backwards)
      A              E             A           E        A        E        A
	sleeeeeeeeeeee(sleeeeeeeeeee(sleeeeeeeeeeihooihoo)ihooihoo)ihooihoo ihooihoo

(the word "now" is beginning to look a bit strange to me now)

Belly rocks :>

(dennis kim)
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