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Your Gonna Make It Chords

#Title=Your Gonna Make It
Your Gonna Make It

Music & Lyrics by Mark Bellinger
Copyright 2000

C                 F
People say you've got to stay
G7             C
Fight don't go away
                        F              G7             C
But they don't know the fear you live, each and every day


F                    G                                 C     C7
Although the pain is hard to bear, too much to bear, I know
F                    G                                C
Though the hurt runs deep inside s'nowhere to hide, I know
      F               G7             C
But I know your gonna make it in the end (repeat line)

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C                         F
Your childrens love makes you so strong,
    G7                C
But what if you where gone?
The happy times the memories
G7               C
Go on and on and on


C                     F
If you could see what I can see 
G7                  C
You'd understand my dove
                F          G7             C
A wonderful and sensitive, mother full of love


C                    F                   G7                C
Some people have the choice to write the chapters of their life
                     F              G7               C
Till now denied, its time to dream, your story comes alive
                 F                        G7                    C
The page is bear begin to write, put your fear and your doubts aside