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Diamond Eyes Chords

#Title=Diamond Eyes

Music & Lyrics by Mark Bellinger
Copyright 2004

Am7 Define (002010)

Intro: Esus4  E

G                            A             Am7
Maybe I'm being foolish as I sit inside my room
D                      D6       G                  D
Cant quite believe its true i'm seeing you so soon

G                               A               Am7
Sometimes it feels as if you're close enough to touch
D                      D6        G               
But at night the emptiness hurts almost too much


C             F                  G7              C
Your eyes are like the sparkling diamonds in the sky

Esus4         E
mmmmmhhhmmm   O yeaah

[ Tab from: ]
Am       D7                C                  G
Maybe between us there are seas and mountains tall
Am        D7                C            G
But I can make the distance seem so very small
I just wait until the night time comes,look up and there they shine
D                             E                         (E 2nd Fret) E
Those sparkling diamond eyes, i'm hoping will be mine

G                          A           Am7
A brief encounter then you flew so far away 
D                         D6    G                    D
And then you told me you would like to come and stay

G                       A                  Am7
When I met you, guess i new right from the start
D                          D6   G               
But can two hearts beat as one, living so far apart


Outro X2

D                             E
O' diamond eyes, when you are shining (ad lib harmonies)

Esus4         E