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Cryin Through My Song Chords

#Title=Cryin Through My Song
Cryin Through My Song

Music & Lyrics by Mark Bellinger
Copyright 2002

Em                              B7            Am
Time will heal your wounds I am constantly re-assured
    Em                        B7                   Am
You cant just run away to new pastures and foreign shores
          Em                           B7                  Am
Whilst it seems so bad today life will always open you new doors

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F                                      Am
Your stronger than you know and you've gotta let it show
F                                  Am                  E
The power of your mind will rescue how you feel inside


C                                          E             
I've been fighting for so long, don't know how to carry on
      Am                             C                     
Will the next move that I make lead to something else thats wrong
            F     E          Am
My heart is cryin,through my song

So you dust yourself off and usher life to bring it on
You give it your best shot and the battles already won
It just takes everything that you've got,to be your number one

The journey is your life,with its high and with its lows
Enjoy the ride learn from mistakes so you can shake off all the blows
If the lesson isn't learnt, life will bring you another go