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Say Something Anyway Tab

This is a great song by a severely underrated Irish girl group. I corrected the previous 
i did because the old one was totally wrong.

CAPO 1st fret


--------------------------------------------------0-| not sure on the strum
-----1-----1---------1-----1---------1-----1------1-| part
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---------------------------------------------------|--0-| only strum when
------1-----1---------1-----1---------1-----1------|--1-| they sing
----0-----0---2-----2-----2---2-----2-----2---2----|--2-| "slipping away"

repeat through first two verses

Verse 1:

Some say hearts
Grow silent
In a world where no one cares
Love keep slipping away
Some say time
Is the healer
But in a house where no one speaks
love keep slipping away

still working on the rest of the song

Listen to the song for the rythem