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Mornington Crescent Chords

Bb   D#
Mornington crescent, I think of you
Rain in the southeast, men feeling blue
Men in their bowlers, kids with their spats

Bb						Gm
Ladies with chauffeurs, dogs wearing hats and jackets
	GmM7		Gm7			C7
Rich apartments, old punk posters, tartan garments
	D#		Bm		D#		Bm
I love the exquisite array, I love the camp as camp parade
	Cm		Dm			F	F7
The possibilities suggest themselves to me

Bb   D#
Mornington crescent, the sun in the east
I've got a job on for a senegalese
rich arbitrator in African law
To paint his apartment
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		Gm			GmM7
strip down the walls came down between us lately
	Gm7				C7	D#
Lust and want and need just caved in is it wise?
	Bm			D#			Bm
The answer's no, it never is but since you've asked
	Cm		Dm			F	Am
We pause thoughtfully for twenty seconds reprieve
	G#m		C
Then it's off with the briefs

Mornington crescent, sin is my game
We'll all be lined up, irrelevant fame
Next to the broker, the nurse and the drunk
I was a joker, the wannabe punk, that got lucky
Had a good time, life became fruitless, egotistic
Swine to all your friends, all the ladies and the men
The possibilities suggest themselves to me, we're a little too free