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Lord Anthony Chords

Intro: D
Verse 1:
D                                    A
Anthony, bullied at school
                G                                  D
Get your own back, now you are cool
Or are you scared?
D                                            A
Bunking off though you're a toff
                               G                                     Gm
It's all gone wrong again, you've got double maths
             D                             A
But the teacher's got no control so
                             G                          Gm
The boys will run riot, you will stay quiet
                  Em        A#
Or you will die
Verse 2:
D                                    A
Tony at the back of the gym
               G                                            D
Smoke another one, your chances are slim
        A                          D
'Cos here they come again
And they got you on the ground
                       G                                 Gm
Tasting blood again, at least it's your own
                      D                                A
When will you realise that it doesn't pay
To be smarter than teachers
Smarter than most boys?
                 D                                   A
Shut your mouth, start kicking the football
                   G                                Gm
Bang on the teeth, you're off for a week boy

Bridge 1:
N/C                     D                               G
You may as well take it in the guts - it can't get worse
  D                                 G                             F#
Take it in the guts - it can't get worse than this
N/C   G
And without a notion of a care
You'll lift two fingers in the air
To linger there

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