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Act Of The Apostle Ii Chords

Artist: Belle & Sebastian
 Album: The Life Pursuit
  Song: Act Of The Apostle II

Originally by: J. Dekter (garagedoorsafetyisimportant[at]hotmail[dot]com)
Edited by: fatboy023456

    A                          Ab           Ab7
I'm bored out of my mind / Too sick to even care
C#m7                               C#m7     Cm7   Bm7  
I'll take a little walk / Nobody's going----to----know
Bm7                     C#m7                    D
I'm in senior year / It gives you a little free time
I'll just use it all at once!
         A                        Ab           Ab7
Took the fence and the lane / The bus then the train
C#m7                                       C#m7   Cm7   Bm7  
Bought an Independent to make me look like I------got---brains
Bm7                     C#m7                  D
I made a story up in my head if anybody would ask
I'm going to a seminar!

     D              Dm
I'm a genius / I'm a prodigy
A demon at Maths and Science
       A    Ab  G   F#7     
I'm up---for---a---prize
       C                Bm
If you gotta grow up sometime
                        A     (A  Ab  G  F#) F#7  
You've to do it on your own
        C                         Bm
I don't think I could stand to be stuck
                                A        (E  F#  G  Ab  A)
That's the way that things were going
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    A                            Ab         Ab7                
The bible's my tool / There's no mention of school!
C#m7                      C#m7   Cm7  Bm7  
My Damascan Road's my transistor rad--io
Bm7                        C#m7                    D
I tune in at night when my mum and my dad start to fight
I put on my headphones

     D               Dm     
And I tune out / I am devout
The girls are singing about my life
But they're not here, they've got the wild life
       C                      Bm
If you want to find out, find out
                            A    (A  Ab  G  F#) F#7 
You got to look them in the eye
              C            Bm
That's why my only choice
Is find the face behind the voice...

....A                    Dm
She asked the man if the service was open
 G                   D/F#
"Not today, just the choir from the radio"
A                        Dm
"Couldn't I sit in? I've come all this way"
G                              D/F#
"Will you bugger off, I've got work to do!"
B            D              A
The city was losing its appeal
B                       D                           A
God was asleep / He was back in her village, in the fields

C                   F
Oh, if I could make sense of it all!
  C                                      F
I wish that I could sing / I'd stay in a melody (I would float along in my everlasting song)
C                      E
What would I do to believe??