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Not Chords

Not (From the album "Rip Off The Knob")
As Performed By: The Bellamy Brothers

Tuning: Standard - 440 Concert Pitch

/    = slide up
\    = slide down
b    = bend (whole step)
b^   = bend (1/2 step)
b^^  = bend (1 1/2 steps)
pb   = pre-bend
r    = release-bend
t^   = tap with righthand finger
h    = hammer-on
p    = pull-off
~    = Vibrato
*    = Natural Harmonic
#(#) = Trill
**   = Artificial Harmonic
x    = Dead notes (no pitch)
P.M. = Palm mute (- -> underneath indicates which notes)
(\)  = Dive w\bar
(/)  = Release w\bar
Tp   = Tap w\plectrum

Intro Chords: G

Verse 1:
I could walk out now, and get in my truck.
Never look back, forget your love.
C                             D              Em     D-G
Sure I could leave, cause I'm tough enough.  Not.
I could find another, to take your place.
Just build up a wall, block out your face.
      C                        D                  Em     D-G 
Drive off in the sunset, never miss your embrace. Not.

G                             C
Not. In this lifetime could I stop.
Your my lifeline I've been caught.
       D            G    
By the only thing I want.

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Verse 2:
Could I live without passion? Sure I could.
Go void of emotion, like Clint Eastwood.
         C                D             Em      D-G
It would probably be, for my own good.  Not.
I was born to be wild, with a need to be free.
I could clear my mind, so you can't get to me.
     C                     D                 Em     D-G
I'll show you someday, and then you'll see.  Not.

Chrous 2:
G                             C 
Not. In my soul could I break loose.
If my heart would let me choose.
        D               G
I would still be loving you.

Solo Chords: G-Am-C-D-G

I'm putting down my foot, changing some things.
Am                                             G-C
Gathering my strength, to unlock these chains.
                              D                Em        D-G
I'm running from pleasure, to avoid the pain.  Not.

Chrous 3:
G                 Em
Not.  Not in this lifetime babe.  
         D-G                Em
Not even if I could.  Not a chance.
      D-G                   Em
Not anytime soon.  Not in a million years.
         D-G                Em
Not in this world.  Not for silver or gold.
Not with anyone else.