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Port Of Call Chords

This is perhaps a more precise version of the song. You can add some small variations to 
it, especially if you play it with a ukulele. Also, I did not type the lyrics myself. 
They come from a website, so I am not really sure that they are 100% reliable.
Anyway, enjoy!

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  Em     Am                          D
And I, I called through the air that night
   G                     D
A calm sea voiced with a lie
        Am                              D
I could only smile, I've been alone some time
    Am                      D
And all, and all, it's been fine

    Em   Am                  D
And you, you had hope for me now
   G                       D
I danced all around it somehow
    Am                       D
Be fair to me, I may drift a while
        Am                 D
Were it up to me, you know I'd

The song goes on like this until the end.
I hope you appreciated.