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From Fri Apr 18 10:49:50 1997
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 14:30:05 -0800
From: Bengt Johansson 
Subject: tab

This is a song from the new uppcommimg Swedish band, Behind the Basisits
Base, the song is called, "Named Bjorn", from there debut album 
"Famous shoemakers"

Play with all the energi you can release.

Main riff.
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I am a little bit insaine how bout you?..........

chourus riff

a---2-2--0--0--5--7--9   Repeat 3 times, then main riff

Do sitt down have a beer be a star......

Punk session

d--5--7--5--7   Repeat 4 times, you hear the rythm on the record
a--5--5--3--5                                       (Damn good record)

They uses the chords during the solo.

Then back to main riff. 4 times. End on A.

I hope you like my transcription off the song. Play power chord
troughtdow. Mail me if you want the solo. I hope to transcript more of
the bands song of their debute record. 

*Eric the guitar hero.