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By Ted Wulfers  (Beggar's Bridge)
From The Album:   "In The Spirit"

Chords used in this song...

    D   Dsus??/A   G/D     A/D    Bm      G      A      F#m

Intro   D Dsus??/A  D Dsus??/A  D Dsus??/A   G/D  A/D
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Verse 1.:
A/D   D       Dsus/A           D          Dsus/A
I was searchin', lookin' for a dream I had
      D        Dsus/A          G/D       A/D
All the wrong answers in the palm of my hands
      D       Dsus/A           D          Dsus/A
I was climin', tryin' to scale the wall of truth
      D        Dsus/A          G/D       A/D
I was swimmin' in your fountains of youth

Bm              A
I'm a prisoner of this land
G               A
I don't seem to understand
Bm              A
Colors, they just pass me by
G               A     D  Dsus/A
All I want to do is fly

Verse 2 and 3 the same as verse 1. 
Chorus 2 and 3 same as Chorus 1.

F#m               Bm
There's a longing in my heart
    F#m           Bm
For Stories left untold
F#m               Bm
As we remain years apart
G            A                into  D  of 3rd Verse.
I am growing old

The chorus and verse of this song really need two guitars and
a bass but this is for solo guitar so that you can play the tune
in your bedroom.  This is one of those happy/sad songs that's fun 
to play for people or by yourself.  Enjoy it.