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Get Your Dog Off Me Chords

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From: (Magnus Paterson)
Subject: Re: REQ: "Get Your Dog Off Me" by Beggar Opera

In article <>, (Steve Robinson-Smith) writes:
>Does anyone remember/heard of this group they made four albums in the 70's the
>line up was Ricky Gardiner Guitar, Gordon Sellar Bass, Colin Fairie Drums, Alan
>Parker Keyboards and Linnie Paterson Vocals. The Album 'Get Your Dog Off Me'
>was their Last in '73 and this is the title track.
>Steve Robinson-Smith

I have a vague recollection that Linnie Paterson came from Edinburgh,
FWIW.  Also Ricky Gardiner is one of the few people I remember seeing
with a Les Paul recording model. Let's just check out how many of the
brain cells have fallen victim to the demon drink over the years since I
last played this....

c is 12th fret, harmonic

  |---- x2 --------|
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D       C      G               D         C       G
She was just a rollin' stone I picked up off the street
D           C       G         D        C        G
I put shoes on her feet and I gave her food to eat
Am                                                   G
Now she acts the lady and she's dressin' up in style
Wears a toothpaste smile
Chauffeured all the while

(D C G D C G)

D      C     G            D       C       G
I went up to see her; she set her dog on me
    D   C   G      D   C   G
Her dog on me, her dog on me
Am                                             G
Baby don't you know me? So get your dog off me
F                                        E7
You'd better get your dog off me, woman!

Then she recognised me and laughed until she cried
Invited me inside for cocktails and a ride
I put her through her paces on the couch and on the floor
I was set for more, till a man came through the door

When the man came in he set the dog on me
The dog on me, the dog on me
Please don't let him kill me, get the dog off me
You'd better get your dog off me, man!  I said you better...


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