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drop d

top string-11,4,6,2/4.....good strum

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11                              4
so how is it that it could so easy
6                            2         4 
walkin away, and running bu never wanna talk
i begged for you to come see me
time was shorter than anyone had thought    ....pause...
  c#with finger on top sting    c# 
         every attempt i make
         9th fret             e(high)
its like another promise that you break
    but take all my lines this time
      twist them up i should be fine
  (hard sturm pause)
     c#*         c#          9     
       i          dont       think      
 (normal) e
       you have a clue
   c#* c# 9          e
          of thats ok with you

chorus progeression x2 end on 9 strum , no e wiyth pause

i'd hope that when u find me down
you could pick me up when i'm lyting on the ground
how did i get so dumb
playin with my mind cant be all that fun


play 11 fret soft picking

first two lines of first verse then pause