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The Skywriter Chords

Bedroom Eyes ~ The Skywriter

Beautiful song from the Embrace In Stereo EP


Cadd9    [x32033]
Cadd9/B  [x2x033]
A7sus4   [x02x33]
G        [320033]
Em7      [022033]
G/F#     [2x0033]

The little variation you can hear in the intro and 
throughout the song  on the Cadd9 and Cadd9/B chords 
is just lifting your little finger on and off the high E 
string in time 

Capo 3rd fret

Intro (picked first time through, then strummed): 

Cadd9 Cadd9/B A7sus4 G x2
[ Tab from: ]
I handed him a paper
Thick white lines of vapour
A7sus4                       G
Will get that message through
He climbs into his airplane
Speeds off from the start lane
A7sus4               G
The praise is overdue

Above this town from side to side
The letters spreads out open wide
G                                 G/F#
Hope she sees the writer in the sky
But maybe it's a mindless plea
My place on her scale is make believe
G                                G/F#
I guess I've always been a bit na´ve

[Play intro through x1)

The pilot makes a last spin
Heads off, disappearing
Into the blue and gray
The job for now is over
Feeling fairly sober
Although it's Saturday

The loneliness is such a weight
So sick of love he's paid to state
Humming Time Has Told Me by Nick Drake
Feels much too ashamed to say
Like vapour trails his heart turns gray
So afraid he too might fade away 

Outro: Just repeat the chorus chords and end on Em7