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When The Night Feels My Song Chords

Here is the way that I play "When The Night Feels My Song" I feel that it's pretty
acurate but if anybody has any corrections feel free to correct it.

Intro: A (several times)

Verse 1:

I'm on the rocky road

heading down off the mountain slow

               Bm           D      E       A
And as my steps echo, echo, louder than before

        A                               E
Another day is done say good bye to the setting sun
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           Bm                           D     E       A
See what i found turn back to the ground just like before


D           E      D          A               E
Hey Hey Hey Hey, a beautiful day, a beautiful day (2X)

         A   E          D  A          A  E          D  A
When the night feels my song, I'll be home, I'll be home

Verse 2:

Into the undergrove, twist and turn on a lonely road

In the twilight, the day turns to night and I'm alone

And when the light has left, i'm not sure of my every step

follow the wind that pushes me west, back to my bed

Chorus until end....

Written by vega