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Johnny Go To New York Chords

I'm not sure what the lyrics are, I couldn't find them anywhere.
And I'm not going to write out how many times to hit each chord, except for the 
Intro. You guys should be able to figure it out.
Remember that this is played in the skank reggae and most of the chords are 
played on the second and fourth quarter notes in the beat unless otherwise stated, (AKA STRUMMED) 

Em 8x
Then the drums and bass enter
Em 16x 

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Verse: Alternate between the progressions:
Em - D - Bm - C  &  G - D - Bm - C  

Pre Chorus: Alternate between the progressions
C - D - Em  &  D - C - G  (STRUMMED)
On the last progression before the chorus, omit the G and strum the C instead

G - D - Bm - C  (STRUMMED) 
Em multiple times

Thanks, comment