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Nausea Tab

             Nausea - Beck

 Tabbed by: Arend Jessurun
 This is my first tab so hope you enjoy!

  * Drop-D tuning and a half-step down.

  Intro & Verse

     Eb5,  Gb5,  Eb5,  Gb5

  Chorus & Interlude

     Db5                     F5

  Intro (0:00)

  Verse (0:08)

           Eb,     Gb,         Eb,     Gb
 Now I'm a seasick sailor on a ship of noise
          Eb,      Gb,              Eb,       Gb
 I got my maps all backwards and my instincts poisoned
      Eb,         Gb,            Eb,    Gb
 In a truth blown gutter full of wasted years
      Eb,       Gb,           Eb,   Gb
 Like blown out speakers ringing... my ears

  Chorus (0:25)
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         Db,        F     
 Oh it's nausea, oh nausea, and we're gone
 Eb, Gb, Eb, Gb
      Db,        F
 It's nausea, oh nausea, and we're gone
 Eb, Gb, Eb, Gb

  Verse (0:41)

           Eb,           Gb,           Eb,       Gb
 Now I'm a straight line walker with a black-out room
          Eb,           Gb,        Eb,   Gb
 I push a shopping cart over in an Aztec ruin
         Eb,    Gb,     Eb,     Gb
 With my minion fingers working for some god
           Eb,         Gb,             Eb,     Gb
 Who could see his own reflection in a parking lot

  Chorus (0:58)

  Interlude (1:15)

 (guitar: 1:32) Db, F, Eb, Gb, Eb, Gb  x2

  Verse (1:48)

           Eb,        Gb,       Eb,      Gb
 Now I'm a preist teenager on a tower of dust
       Eb,       Gb,       Eb,      Gb
 I'm a dead generator in a cloud of exhaust
        Eb,         Gb,         Eb,           Gb
 I eat alone in the desert with skulls for my pets
            Eb,       Gb,     Eb,     Gb
 I rate the days 1 to 10 with led cigarettes

  Chorus (2:05)

  Outro (2:22)

     Eb,   Gb,   Eb,   Gb,   Eb,   Gb,   Eb,   Gb,   Db, F  
Gb|--3vvvv-6-----3vvvv-6-----3vvvv-6-----3vvvv-6------------|  x2