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I Love You But Youre Boring Chords

Beautiful South - I love you (but you're boring)

intro: D      F#  F#7    E    A  

D                        F#  F#7
Birds are singing in the trees 
           E                 A 
As we rise up on a beautiful morning 
But I can't hear 
               F#  F#7
That beautiful sound 
         E              A    
Because I'm permanently yawning 

D                          F#  F#7
What about the time of the fancy dress 
     E                        A
When you came dressed as your mum 
    D                          F#  F#7
And there I was splendid in my penguin suit 
E                    A
So scared to show my bill 

                   D                 F#  F#7
You must have been listening to your Carousel 
     E              A
Your Carousel, that Carousel 

Remember the time 
                  F#  F#7      E      A
When I turned the house into a rocket ship 
And you refused to come to Mars 
               F#  F#7
You said "It's too far" 
    E                              A
You had to be back by six to watch your 
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D             F#  F#7     E     A
D                 F#  F#7
Saturn's much too far              (Spoken || )
           E     A                         \/
You had to watch Carousel          (What's going on in there?) 

When we first met 
                     F#  F#7
I asked you for your hand 
                     E         A 
I didn't really mean that hand 
I meant join hands 
             F#  F#7
Bake phallic cake                  (Bake phallic cake) 
Carry round sticky tape 
And love those devil dogs 
D                     F#  F#7
Be an Indian elephant              (Be an Indian elephant) 
E                     A
Bait straight people 
But you must have missed my wink 
    F#  F#7                   E       A
You must have missed my wink 

                                   (I love you, 
                                    But you're boring, you know, 
                                    I really do love you 
                                    But you're so particularly boring) 
Maybe you were too busy listening to 
         F#  F#7          E        A
watching Carousel, living Carousel 
You were listening to Carousel 
                  F#  F#7       E       A(one strum)
You were watching Carousel