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House On Fire Chords

B E A T S T E A K S  -  H O U S E   O N   F I R E

Verse [Em D Am D]
  Em                D
I got no reason to fight
       Am                                D
And I don't care what's wrong and who's right
        Em                     D
There's nothing that we didn't try
       Am                                   D
Pretending to know what we don't understand yet

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Refrain [Am D G Em]
          Am             D
i've been hanging from a tree
          G            Em
i've been down to the sea
   Am                 D
as i walked every street
  G                  Em
i found no one to cheat
     Am              D
as i stay up all night
     G              Em
as i lay by your side
           Am          D
i've been chasing around
       G           Em
i got up, i came down, so come on