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Yesterday Chords

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Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 18:07:34 +0000

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From: "Steve Previdi" 
From: (Glen Macon)
From: (Thomas Krog)

Transcribed by- Steve Easton

Play with a rithmic strum like this one. oh well
Here is one I made EARLIER (arf arf)
     F          Em7
---------2-------0----|  Throughout the
--------3-------0-----|whole song
-------3-------1------|Ha Ha 

[ Tab from: ]
VERSE 1  F       Em7          A7              Dm     ?~(Check below    
       Yesterday   all my troubles seemed so far away   For chord)
Bb      C7             F        C  ?~  G7        Bb   F
now I need a place to hide away oh I belive in yesterday
VERSE 2  F     Em7        A7            Dm     ?~
       Suddenly  i'm not half the man I used to be 
Bb         C7      F              C ?~  G7        Bb  F
there's a shadow hanging over me oh I belive in yesterday
MIDD 8 Em7  A7  Dm ?~ Bb        ?         C7      F
      Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say
Em7 A7  Dm   ?~    Bb          ?         C7  F 
I said some thing wrong now I long for yesterday
VERSE3 F       Em7         A7           Dm      ?~
      Yesterday  love was such an easy game to play 
Bb     C7              F        C  ?~  G7      Bb   F
now I need a place to hide away oh I belive in yesterday

Repeat MIDD 8 Then VERSE 3

and then play
G7           Bb     F
mm mm mm mm mm mm mmmmmmmmm

Chords used
F      133211
Em7    010000
A7     002223
Dm     000231
?~     000211
Bb     113331
C7     032310
C      032010
G7     320001
?     30x333

IF any one has the PLACEBO tab for NANCYBOY
gimme 'em 
And also send me comments and questions.
And if anyone needs any other tab/chords I'll
be pleased to HELP (I need somebody Help not just anybody)
arf arf again It was the BeaTles for some people 
WHOT are really stupid.
If I have the tab/chords for the song.