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Window Window Chords

this song was played during the Get Back/Let It Be sessions and George Harrison
demoed it in 1982. It's a bootleg track

The Beatles
Window, Window
(George Harrison)

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  G                     Am 
I once knew a beautiful girl
    Em                        A7
She had long blonde hair in a curl
    G            A7        Am            Em
She looked after me, and I looked before her
   Em                    G
At that time it hadn't occurred(?)
   G                          Am
As time turned my head and my mind
    Em                        A7
The pleasure seemed harder to find
   G           A7
By then it was such,
       Am           Em
That I live for too much,
      Am                     G
Now I stay home and slowly unwind

      G                       Am
Now I look out the window and see
  Em                      A7
I look out the window and see
  G            A7         Em
I look out the window and see
               G          Em          G
That I get the feeling it doesn't see me

[G(x2) C(x2)] reapeat to fade