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Sun King Chords

Artist: The Beatles
Song: "Sun King"
Album: "Abbey Road" (1969)

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Standard Tuning

"We just started joking, you know, singing `quando para mucho'. 
So we just made up, ah, Paul knew a few Spanish words from school, you know. 
So we just strung any Spanish words that sounded vaguely like something.
 And of course we got `chicka ferdy' in. 
That's a Liverpool expression - just like sort of - it doesn't mean anything to me but 
`na-na, na-na-na'.

TEMPO: Tranquil
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E     ========== 022100
F#m7  ========== 242222
B6    ========== X24444
E6    ========== XX3230
C     ========== 332010
Cmaj7 ========== X32000
Gm7   ========== 353333
A7    ========== X02020
F     ========== 131211
D7    ========== XX0212
Em7   ========== 020000
C7    ========== X3231X

| E       | E        | E          | E          |
|F#m7     | F#m7 B6  | E6         | E          | (x3)


C    Cmaj7    Gm7 A7
Here come the Sun King,
C    Cmaj7    Gm7 A7   F
Here come the Sun King,
F                D7     F
Everybody's laughing,
F              D7    
Everybody's happy,
C    Em7      C7  F
Here come the Sun King

Verse 1:
F#m7                                B6  E6  E
Quando para mucho mia more defelice carafon,
F#m7                                 B6   E6 E   
Mundo paparazzi miamore chicka ferdy parasol,
F#m7                                       B6   E6  E6 (Arpeggio)
Cuesto obrigado tanta mucho que can eat it carousel.