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Penny Lane Chords

Title: Penny Lane
Writer: Lennon/Mccartney

 Here are the correct chords for Penny Lane. Listen to Paul's descending bassline, it really drives the song.
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          B                                C#m7    F#7
 Pen-ny lane__ there is a barber showing photographs
          B                                  Bm
 of every head he's had the pleasure to know 
             Bm/G#                Gdim7           F#7sus4  
 and all the people that come and go stop and say hello
 F#7  F#7sus4  F#7
 On the corner is a banker with a motor car
 the little children laugh at him behind his back
 and the banker never never wears a mac in the pouring rain
 very strange

 A                   A/C#             D
 Penny lane is in my ears__ and in my eyes__
 A                A/C#            D                F#7
 wet beneath the blue__ suburban skies I sit and meanwhile
Note: at the Bm part you will hear that Paul is playing the 
top notes as B,D,F and chord names are derived from the 
descending bassline.