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No Reply Chords

The Beatles - No Reply  from  Beatles for Sale album

Tabbed by: PJVillanueva

F6  - 121231
G   - 320033
C   - 332010
G6  - 353453
Am  - x02210
Em  - 022000
Fmaj7b5 - 133200
E   - 022100
A   - x02220
Dm  - xx0231
F   - 133211
C9  - 33203x

                      F6                         G             C
This happened once before    When I came to your door   No reply

                     F6                         G6             C
They said it wasn' t you    But I saw you peep through   your window

           Am   Em               Fmaj7b5  Em
I saw the light       I saw the light

                    Dm                      G6        C
I know that you saw me    As I looked up to see your face
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                 F6                              G6               C
*I tried to telephone    They said you were not home   That' s a lie

                           F6                   G6       C
'Cos I know where you' ve been   I saw you walk in your door

          Am  Em          Fmaj7b5  Em
I nearly died   I nearly died

                         F6                 G6          C
'Cos you walked hand in hand   With another man in my place /

           C          E          A             Dm        F         C
If I were you  I' d realise that I   Love you more than any other guy

              C          E        A            Dm              F            C
An' I' ll forgive   the lies that I   Heard before   when you gave me no reply *

      Am  Em      Fmaj7b5   C9
No reply    No reply