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Tabber: Marc
I've Just Seen A Face 
[First verse: 
 G                                                                    Em 
I've just seen a face I can't for get the time or place where we just met 
   D                C                    G   C           G 
Falling yes I am falling and she keeps calling me back again .../]
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Guitar solo played to verse chords. 
Repeat chorus. 
Repeat first verse. 
Repeat chorus 3 times to end. 
Intro, guitar #1 part is on 1st & 3rd strings, guitar #2 part on  
4th, 5th, and 6th strings: 
E --------2---2---2---5---5---5----9----9----9----14----14----14- 
B --------------------------------------------------------------- 
G ------2---2---2---6---6---6---11---11---11---14----14----14---- 
D ----------------------------------------------4--------2------- 
A --------------------------------------------------------------- 
E --5-4-2-------------------------------------------------------- 
E -----10----10----10----12----12----12----14----14----14----14----14----14- 
B -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
G --11----11----11----12----12----12----14----14----14----14----14----14---- 
D -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
A ---5-----------------------------------------------------5--------4------- 
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
E -----13----13----13----11----11----11----------------------  
B ----------------------------------------------------------- 
G --12----12----12----10----10----10------------------------- 
D ----------------------------------------------------------- 
A ---2------------------------------------------------------- 
E ---------------------5--------4-------5-------------------- 
Note: Play with capo on 2nd fret, bringing song up to the key of A.