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********CAPO 5TH FRET!!!!!!!!********************


Title:		IF I FELL			
                        by the Beatles

		If I fell in love with you
		Would you promise to be true
		         Ab Fm
		And help me understand
		'Cause I've been in love before 
		And found that love is more
		     Bm           E
		Than just holding hands

		     A    Bm C#m      Bm
		If I give my heart to you
		  E                     A  Bm C#m
		I must be sure from the very  start
		     Bm        E                 A   Bm  E
		That you would love me more than her
[ Tab from: ]
		     A     Bm C#m
		If I trust in you
		   Bm            E
		Oh please, don't run and hide
		      A   Bm  C#m
		If I love you too
		   Bm            E                  A9(?-below)
		Oh please, don't hurt my pride like her
		Cause I couldn't stand the pain
		    Dm                        A           E7
		And I would be sad if our new love was in vain

		     A    Bm     C#m
		So I hope you'll see 
		     Bm      E     
		That I would love to love you
		A   Bm   C#m      Bm
		And that she will cry
		     E                 A
		When she learns we are two
		     Dm      Gm        A*
		If I fell in love with you

                           A* = moveable E-barre chord on 5th fret (w/ capo)
               A9 - |x|x|2|0|0|x| not sure of name for chord