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I Feel Fine Tab

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From: (Marc Hertzberg (History: Love it or leave 
Subject: TAB: I Feel Fine (Lennon/McCartney) 
Disclaimer: The "I Feel Fine" riff is very difficult to make sound exactly 
authentic. Although I've tabbed out the basics here, there are subtleties which 
I haven't or may not have reflected, such as how notes ring, the exact 
sloppiness with which the riff should be played, etc.  
           I Feel Fine 
The song begins with a single plucked "A" note, sounds like a bass 
guitar to me, which builds in feedback until the string is vibrating  
hard enough to cause a buzz. 
The "I Feel Fine" riff (repeat as needed): 
    D                                   C 
Verse 1: 
Baby's good to me   you know she's happy as can be 
You know she said so 
                  C              G 
I'm in love with her and I feel fine 

Then play magic "I Feel Fine" riff as band comes back in. 
Then repeat from verse 2 to the end of verse 3, except instead 
of the very last line of verse 3, substitute: 
 D7                C              G 
She's in love with me and I feel fine 
 D7                C              G 
She's in love with me and I feel fine 
  Beatles Tab by Marc Hertzberg 
  Digital Equipment Corporation 
Tab Special Notations: 
----0----  play the open string ('fret zero') 
----5----  play fret five 
----5~---  play fret five with vibrato 
---5/7---  play fret five, slide up to fret seven 
---7\5---  play fret seven, slide down to fret five 
--7\5/7--  play fret seven, slide down to fret five, slide back up 
--8b(9)--  play fret eight, bend the string (at fret eight) to reach 
             the pitch of fret nine 
--b(9)8--  play fret eight already bent to the pitch of fret nine, 
             unbending until it reaches the normal pitch of fret eight 
----h7---  hammer-on to fret seven 
----p5---  pull-off to fret five 
---/7----  slide up to fret 7 (the starting fret of the slide is